Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alexander McQueen craziness

This morning I finally went and saw the Alexander McQueen show at the MET. It was, as I had hoped, amazingly beautiful and totally over the top and exotic. I knew he was talented but this show blew me out of the water. He was truly an artist and I only wish the show were staying longer so I could go again.

This was amazing
Oh check these out
I heart plaid.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hide your chips!

Paul is a snacker. He munches on food all day. I find it humorous to watch him work from home. He will be on a call, on mute, and graze through the kitchen over and over. Maybe I should put him out to pasture. He could be like those goats you see on the sides of hillsides eating the grass.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Iheart myself

I have a goal in mind and I will figure it out. I want my own line of stuff....aka goods. I designed this for my huband. Its my first actual manufactured item. I hope for more. Saying that I heart myself sounds cocky, but it's something I need to remind myself each day. Loving yourself first helps you love everything around you. Furthermore it opens you up to so much.

If only

If only I was as popular as my dog.

I cannot walk a half block without someone smiling at Rufus and a full walk around a block will always get a comment. However today I had a lady gasp when she saw him. At first I was like "Um okay", then she says to me "Your dog makes me so happy I want to cry". Then she did! No kidding she didn't but it was the most unique statement I have heard yet.

My other favorite is to hear the Puerto Ricans ask "Escoose me. Wha kind of dawg is tha?". Apparently in PR they do not have Standard Poodle.

Rufus conquers all!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old man take a look at my life

Whenever I hear a song by Neil Young or Hanks Williams Jr.,  I am immediately taken to the front seat of my dads pick up truck as he drove me from my Mom's house in Apple Valley up to his place in Big Bear every weekend when I was a kid. These songs and the memories they hold are so powerful that I can see every detail of the drive, feel every bump in the road and the colors of those memories burn so bright it is intoxicating.

I guess boys idolize their dads, even gay boys with a dad that at the time was less than desirable to the outside world. My dad Henry "Hank" Godwin is a gentle giant these days. Aged by a hard life of sun, drugs, social stigmas and hard labor. We share the same blue eyes and every time I look in the mirror I cannot help but see him staring back at me. Will I be like him at his age? Probably, hopefully not. It's not that I don't love him, I do but a life like his is not something I would think would agree with me.

Anyway it really is interesting how sounds or smells and tastes can imprint your life so deeply. Music has always ruled my memories. I cannot wait for my soundtrack to come out, iTunes will be all over that.